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Francis slams 'scams'

Injustice of exploiting labour mortal sin says Pope

The "injustice" of exploiting labour is a mortal sin, Pope Francis said Thursday.

When it's a male it becomes full of 'bachelors'

Church is woman and mother says Pope

The Catholic Church is a woman and mother, Pope Francis said Monday. "When it's male it sadly becomes a Church of bachelors," he said at a Vatican Mass.

Pope apologised over handling of Barros-Karadima case

Chilean bishops quit en masse over paedophilia

Chilean bishops in Rome to discuss the clerical sex abuse scandal on Friday said they had tendered their resignations to Pope Francis.

Church releases document on ethics in economic-financial system

Political power shouldn't just serve finance says Vatican

Church releases document on ethics in economic-financial system.

'Where communion is formed artisan-like'

You create peace starting in homes,streets,shops -Pope tweet

Pope Francis tweeted Friday "peace is constructed starting from homes, streets, shops, where communion is shaped in an artisan fashion".

'Chained-up rabid dog'

Don't talk to the Devil, the great liar - Pope

Pope Francis on Tuesday warned the faithful not to talk to the Devil, describing him as the "great liar". Francis said at morning Mass in the Vatican that the Devil was "a chained-up rabid dog" and warned his flock to be "aware of his seductions".