Robbers aim guns at children in Naples restaurant heist

Kalashnikov-wielding hooded bandits take haul of valuables

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 12 - Two robbers aimed their guns at families with children in a restaurant heist near Naples at the weekend, police aid Tuesday.
    The kalashnikov-wielding and hooded bandits took the valuables of the people in the eatery as well was what was in the cash registry, police said.
    Their haul included four luxury watches including a Rolex and a Tudor, as well as a gold necklace.
    The robbery took place at Casavatore in the province of Naples.
    Carabinieri are viewing CCTV footage of the heist as well as interviewing the diners.
    The restaurant was packed as it was a Saturday night. (ANSA).


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