Extreme weather claims another victim near Catania

Woman drowns in flooding at Gravina

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 26 - A young woman drowned in flood waters in the town of Gravina di Catania on Tuesday, sources said, as the wave of extreme weather that has been battering Sicily and other part of southern Italy for days claimed another life.
    According to initial reports, the woman was forced to get out of her car after it was engulfed in water but then got swept away.
    Rescuers are still searching for a 54-year woman who was swept away along with her husband by flood waters in the town of Scordia, also near Catania, on Sunday.
    The body of her 67-year-old husband was found on Monday.
    Some of Catania's streets were turned into 'rivers' and the central Piazza Duomo outside the Sicilian city's cathedral resembled a lake on Tuesday because of the flooding.
    The chaos was made worse by a power blackout in the city centre The wave of bad weather is forecast to last all week.
    Scientists say climate change caused by human activity is making extreme weather events more frequent and even more intense.


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