Govts' actions so far not up to climate challenge - Parisi

Results have been extremely modest says Nobel Prize winner

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 8 - Italian Nobel Prize-winning physicist Giorgio Parisi said Friday that governments have fallen badly short so far in facing up to the climate crisis.
    "Unfortunately, the actions undertaken by governments have not been up to this challenge and the results have been extremely modest," Parisi told a preparatory meeting for the COP26 UN Climate Conference in the Lower House.
    "Humanity must make the essential choices to combat climate change in a big way.
    "For decades science has been warning that human behaviour was laying down the foundations for a frenetic rise in the temperature of our planet". Rome-born Parisi, 73, won the 2021 Nobel prize this week for his research on complex systems, sharing it with Syukuro Manabe of Japan and Germany's Klaus Hasselmann who won for their work on climate models and global warming. (ANSA).


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