EU: Return to farsighted vision of founding fathers - pope

Don't seek fleeting consensus but dream of future, tells bishops

(ANSA) - VATICAN CITY, SEP 23 - The European Union must return to the farsighted vision of its founding fathers, Pope Francis told European bishops in Rome Thursday.
    Speaking at a Mass in the Vatican, Francis said the EU should emulate its founders who "did not seek consensus of the moment but dreamed of the future of all".
    He said the need to build a common home meant that today's European leaders must "leave immediate convenience behind".
    Today's Europe, the pope said, is "sick with fatigue" and the Catholic Church can help is rediscover faith, in "the ever-young face of Christ and his bride".
    He said "we cannot fail to give all of ourselves so that this eternal beauty can be seen", (ANSA).


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