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Latest news

    • 15:23
    • 13 Oct

    Kosovo:tensions in the north due to anti-smuggling operation

    Serbs protest, roadblocks, tear gas
    • 17:46
    • 02 Oct

    Barricades at Kosovo-Serbia border dismantled

    Belgrade and Pristina agreed to end a tense deadlock
    • 16:20
    • 01 Oct

    Kosovo: NATO, with EU common interest for lasting solution

    Today meeting with EU Special Representative Lajcak
    • 13:13
    • 30 Sep

    Serbia and Kosovo reach a deal on licence plates crisis

    Agreement on de-escalation concluded in Brussels today
    • 18:58
    • 28 Sep

    Kosovo: MEPs, dialogue is needed to reduce tensions

    After the clash with Serbia: 'Special police to be withdrawn'
    • 09:09
    • 24 Sep

    Kosovo: war of the licence plates, Serb protest continues

    Two border crossings blocked. Calm but high tension
    • 13:54
    • 23 Sep

    Kosovo: Borrell, EU calls for immediate de-escalation

    Dialogue only platform to address and resolve all open issues
    • 17:36
    • 21 Sep

    Kosovo: Vucic, EU should say if Brussels agreement exists

    Meeting of the National Security Council in Belgrade today
    • 12:18
    • 20 Sep

    Kosovo: police ask Serbs to change licence plates, tension

    Pristina, "vehicles with KS license plates not valid anymore"
    • 13:20
    • 15 Sep

    Kosovo war crimes suspect slams 'Gestapo' court

    At first trial in The Hague's Kosovo Specialist Chambers
    • 19:07
    • 07 Sep

    Balkans: 19,000 died due to pollution from coal power plants

    Neighboring countries affected, Brussels should help phaseout
    • 13:29
    • 30 Aug

    Balkans: Escobar new US envoy from September

    He will assume the function on September 7
    • 18:05
    • 17 Aug

    Afghanistan: Balkan states ready to shelter refugees

    Hundreds may be headed to Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia
    • 12:58
    • 19 Jul

    EU extends mandates of representatives in Bosnia, Kosovo

    For two years